Pioneer Camp

What is Pioneer camp like?

These outpost camping trips are excellent "growth adventures" for girls entering 7th - 11th grades and boys entering 8th -11th grades in the fall. Separate trips for boys and girls emphasize growth in independence and responsibility, as well as, incredible fun in God's world. The combination of spectacular settings and great counselor role models provides an environment where campers can push themselves a little further physically, socially, and spiritually.

The chart below will provide you with session dates available for specific grades. Below the chart are descriptions of each trip. 


Pioneer Sessions Chart


South Manitou Island Trip

(Girls entering 7th-9th grade in the fall)

This trip is geared for those campers who are interested in an introductory wilderness experience. The Pioneers spend several nights in camp preparing for the trip learning such things as packing appropriate gear for backpacking, setting up tents, and outdoor cooking. While in camp, the girls will sleep in a Yurt, located in the woods on Girls Hill, and participate in some traditional in-camp activities. Campers will then spend four days and three nights on spectacular South Manitou Island, exploring and hiking to destinations such as the ship wreck, Valley of the Giants, and the dunes. A Camp Store deposit of $5 is suggested for campers going on this trip.


South Manitou Island/River Trip

(Boys or girls entering 8th-10th grade in the fall)

This trip is designed for older campers looking for a fantastic outpost camping experience. The Pioneers spend the first night in camp getting to know each other and having fun on our high ropes course. The boys sleep in a rustic cabin and the girls sleep in a Yurt. The first part of their trip is a two day two night canoe trip down the Manistee River. From there they will go on a three day and two night trip to South Manitou Island where they will explore the island's many historical and natural features.   Some previous camping experience is recommended. No camp store deposit is needed for this trip.


North Manitou Island Trip

(Boys or girls entering 9th-11th grade in the fall)

North Manitou trips feature exposure to rugged and more "technical" camping skills including travel camping instead of using a base camp, filtering water, etc. The North Manitou Island experience involves campers in pre-trip and menu planning and does not include a river canoe trip experience. Campers enjoy a team building and a high ropes course experience at camp before leaving on the trip. Previous camping experience is highly recommended. No camp store deposit is needed for this trip.