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Find Your Camper in our Photos!

  1. Click on the green photo link in your session. Join Waldo Photos with this code: roger2021. Click on Camp Roger, Camp Scottie, or Wilderness Trip, locate the session, and look at your photos!
  2. Or click on to get to the same camper photo albums for Camp Roger and Camp Scottie. Use the code: roger2021.
  3. DO NOT USE the Waldo app for looking at photos. Your best experience and interface for Camp Roger and Camp Scottie photos is by using the links on your phone or computer.
  4. Download any photos you want to keep straight to your computer or phone.
  5. You may have used Waldo photos for your child's sports or another event and had access to facial recognition for your child's photos. Camp Roger has not turned on facial recognition, so this feature will not be available to you.
  6. At the end of each session, a summary video will be available below at the links next to your session below. Video is live when link is green.

Email Your Overnight Camper:

  1. Send an email to your overnight camper by using *this form* 
  2. We print emails daily before lunch, but not on Saturdays.
  3. Please do not mail packages to your camper. If you send a letter by USPS, we cannot guarantee that it will arrive before your camper goes home.

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Camp Scottie Photo and Video Links

  • Jul 7-10: Circle of Friends
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  • Aug 16-20: Session I
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Camp Roger Photo and Video Links

  • Jul 7-10: Session 5
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  • Aug 2-5: Session 9

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Wilderness Trip Photo and Video Links

  • Jul 12-17: Girls Voyager
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