Camp Roger Session 10 Day 2: Activities Galore

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My name is Benjamin Eizenga and I am the Program Coordinator at Camp Roger. I work on organizing everything from evening games to ringing the wake-up bell. I love camp and can’t wait for your campers to experience all that these woods have to offer.

We woke up to a nice pancake breakfast and an inspiring chapel about how God loves us and has a plan for us throughout our lives, whether it be as babies, while we’re a kid a camp, and even when we’re 47! Each counselor leads a chapel throughout the summer and it is so fun to see what God places on the counselor’s hearts.

After a quick cabin cleanup, we headed into morning activities! Morning activities are a great time for campers to get to know kids outside of their cabins and learn fun new skills. Many activity leaders do funny accents and dress up to add to the excitement.The first day everyone is just learning the ropes and starting off. I lead Target Sports and we started off with shooting at targets with slingshots in our outdoor range. 

Currently, I am prepping the evening game: Capture the Counselor! The counselors and various staff members hide around main camp and hand out point slips to the campers that find them. Campers have a blast running around to get as many points as they can for their cabin. Check out some of the pictures later on at

At the end of the day, the cabins will gather together to do devotions. It’s such a powerful experience for the campers; They all sit on carpet squares around a candle and learn about the God that loves them so much. After that, campers will go to bed!

Overall we have  a very exciting and very full day ahead of us, but there is much more to come later this ! Check in tomorrow where Josh Marsh, our PR intern, and longtime counselor will be writing the blog!