Welcome to Camp!

It’s one of our favorite sayings here at Camp Roger and Camp Scottie. We love our camps and want you to feel at home here whether you are dropping off a student for outdoor education, picking up a child from a week at camp, or participating in a retreat with your group in our beautiful woods.

Camp Roger’s ministry was founded on the same principles that we live by today. Our mission is for camp to be a place where we can encounter and celebrate God’s love for his children through relationships and experiences in Creation. It rings loud and clear through the echoes of laughter on the trails, the splash of swimmers at Little Bostwick or Lake Gordon, and in sweet voices singing together in praise to our God.

Camp Roger’s focus is on these main areas: summer camps, outdoor education, and retreats & rentals at two locations, Camp Roger in Rockford, Michigan, and Camp Scottie in Howard City, Michigan. Through summer overnight camp and day camp, we have the opportunity to impact the lives of over 2,000 kids each year with the love of God in a traditional camp setting. Through environmental education classes, teambuilding activities, and Get Outside Days, our outdoor education team teaches 12,000 traditional, private, and homeschool students each year. Both campuses offer prime options for rental facilities whether for a school group, church youth group, family reunion, or business retreat.

We are thrilled with our newest adventure, The Acorn Resale Shop in Rockford, Michigan. This volunteer-staffed retail store uses proceeds from the sale of donated goods to provide affordable and accessible ways for kids to be able to attend camp. We would love for you to donate, shop, and volunteer!

Read Camp Roger's Mission and Vision Below. Click Here to Read Camp Roger's Faith & Life Covenant.

As a diverse group of Christians, we seek to find our center in Christ for the purpose of serving God together at Camp. We won’t get it perfect. Sometimes we won’t get it right. We’re all on a spiritual journey. But we believe that Christ is the one redeeming the world, and he has invited us to be his fellow workers through his Spirit. For a look at our complete Faith and Life Covenant, go here.

We believe that Christians share some core beliefs and convictions:

  • First, that there is one true God who is made known to his creation through the persons of the Trinity: The Father who created us, Jesus Christ the Son who died for us, and the Holy Spirit who guides us.
  • Second, that the Bible is the true and inspired Word of God, revealing God’s character and redemptive story to his creation.
  • Third, that God’s world-wide church, which includes all Christians, has been called and equipped to co-labor with Christ in building the kingdom on earth.

Camp Roger has a vision of a world that loves God and appreciates His Creation. As we work towards that, Camp Roger has expanded our mission towards increased belonging, diversity, and accessibility on our campuses.

  • At Camp, we want ALL people to feel welcomed, loved, and that they belong
  • At Camp, we want the beautiful diversity of God’s kingdom to be present
  • At Camp, we want accessibility for those with varied abilities to increase
  • At Camp, we want financial and transportation barriers to be minimized

We are always happy to host visitors for a tour of our campuses and willing to discuss any questions you may have about Camp. You can reach our executive director, Doug Vanderwell, directly at (616) 460-6584 or by email at [email protected].

God be with you ‘til we meet again…