Camp Roger Session 10 Day 3: Parachutes, Picnics, and Tug-of-war. Oh My!

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Hello everyone my name is Josh and I am the advancement intern at camp this summer.  I have been blessed with being able to work at a new role at camp this year.  It has been great to do Public Relations work for camp but still find time to hang out with campers.

Today is a truly wonderful day at camp.  This morning started off as usual with morning activities, free swim and lunch.  In the afternoon, the programming takes a magical turn. After afternoon free swim everyone will be loading up in vans to head to the most AMAZING event of the summer…….BEAR CREEK BONANZA! This night is always a very special one because it only happens once a year .  We at camp love finding new ways to allow kids to step out of their comfort zone while still being in a safe space. We all head over to Townsend park near camp and let campers participate in a wide variety of activities. They can explore the creek with our naturalist, kick around balls, play some ultimate Frisbee, hide under a giant parachute and just have a blast.  The time spent at Bear Creek is always a blast and the smiles never leave our faces, but that’s not all.

After our picnic dinner, cabins will face off in pairs in very competitive rounds of tug of war over Bear Creek.  As a cabin your incentive is very simple: you don’t want to be the cabin in the creek. Staying dry is key to winning this game. This is always campers favorite part of the bonanza, and I’m excited to see campers experience this awesome event!

Tonight, campers will roll back into camp with smiles and stories to share. Memories are what help build a community whether that a cabin or the camp as a whole.  These campers are a part of an incredible week with awesome programming and will be building memories all week long. Thank you for sending your kid and allowing them to build in their relationship with new and old friends but also strengthen their relationship with God.


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