Camp Roger Session 10 Day 5: Campout Here We Come!

Maty LandmanUncategorized

Good afternoon from the shores of Little Bostwick. My name is Seth, and I am the Assistant Tripping Director here at Camp Roger. I am in charge of helping with the Tripping Program, which includes campout, Pioneer, and Voyager trips. I help pack food, make sure equipment works, drive vans, and more.

This morning we had a relatively normal start to our day. We had a delicious oatmeal breakfast and then headed to chapel to listen to counselor Rachel teach us about restoration. After a short cabin clean up the campers headed out for their penultimate morning activities. Campers got to do some really awesome things today, like launch water balloons at counselors with giant 3-person slingshots, snorkel around our waterfront swimming area, and even make lanyards in braiding. 

This afternoon, campers will get to participate in my favorite part of camp: CAMPOUT! Each cabin will be hiking out to their campout locations, playing games, eating dinner and breakfast over a campfire, and having devotions; it’s a blast! The oldest girls cabin has been dropped off before lunch to canoe down the Muskegon river to “The Island”! The next few cabins are backpacking to their locations deeper in the woods of Camp Roger, and the younger cabins have had their stuff dropped off for them at their sites closer to main camp. It’s going to be a truly fantastic evening, and I can’t wait to hear all the awesome stories campers have to tell about their nights when they return tomorrow! 

Tune in tomorrow to hear from our next blog writer! 

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