Camp Roger Session 10 Day 6: 500 Acres

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I am this summer’s Waterfront Director, Isaac DeBoer. This is Camp Roger’s last session, and we are nearing the end of the summer.

The sky is blue and the leaves are sunlit green. This day is a breath of fresh air because of the changed schedule and a welcome addition to the last session of summer 2018! Everyone came back from Campout this morning, ready to jump in the lake or take a shower. After Free Swim, campers headed straight toward the steaming tomato soup and scrumptious grilled cheese that was waiting for them in the dining hall. After an extended Bunk Time, we go into our Morning Activities in the afternoon because everyone was gone during the time they are normally scheduled. 

There have been many exciting programmatic events this week that has made our last session special but tonight’s game is truly a sight to see. It’ called 500 acres!  For this game, each camper is placed on a team and is tasked with running around all 500 acres of Camp Roger property in search of gold. Each team has their own leader which is usually a fictional character created by some of our counselors.  The leader of one team is a character named Dr. PHD. His goal is to find enough gold pieces out in the woods so he can turn his assistant “Klaus” into a dog through his gold-powered machine. Dr. PHD just found out today that his assistant is really a double agent, Victor Strong. Strong believes that the gold belongs to Camp Roger and is doing whatever he can to thwart Dr. PHD’s plan . Dr. PHD and Victor Strong’s teams will face-off tonight in this incredibly fun game. 

After a winner is announced in 500 acres, campers will be traveling back to main camp for a special evening chapel service, which we call vespers. It will be an awesome opportunity for campers to wind down for the night and spend some extra time learning about God’s love for them. 

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