Camp Roger Session 9 Day 2

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Ish ga miligy ala kazatski umpty bumpty la ooooooo!

Hello from the shores of Little Bostwick. My name is Sarah Laninga, and I am the interim Waterfront Director for this session of camp, which means that I get to see all of the campers who come down to the lake to go swimming everyday and keep them safe as the head lifeguard. I love my job! Today is a little overcast, but still plenty warm enough that lots of campers have come down today for a dip in the swimming area during morning freeswim. After freeswim was lunch, and then bunktime, and another freeswim/ freetime after that!

The evening is going to be very exciting for all of camp… tonight is cookout! This means that instead of eating dinner in the dining hall with all of camp, each cabin will get to head out into the woods together. They’ll work together to build a fire, play games and explore their cookout site. After they’ve played the afternoon away together, and their tummies are just starting to rumble, the counselors will break out the hotdogs for roasting! And there’s no better way to round out a cookout than with s’mores to follow. And tonight, a very special surprise is awaiting each cabin at their cookout site…. Sparklers! I can only imagine how much fun all of camp will have.

As the sun starts to set, and the last of the sparklers and s’mores have been enjoyed, cabins will settle down by sitting around the fire together with their counselors and having devotions. The chance to have devotions out in the woods together is a special one, bringing God’s word, God’s children, and God’s creation into the same setting, and giving us all the opportunity to learn more about Him and about each other through the experience. After such a full and fun day, cabins will make their way back to Girls’ and Boys’ hills, wash off the last sticky remnants of a tasty and delightful evening, and snuggle into their bunks, ready for another great day tomorrow at camp. 

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