Camp Roger Session 9 Day 3: Fun Times in the Woods

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Kelsey Leunk here, I am our Overnight Camp Director. Today is already our last full day this session and I have heard numerous counselors mention how sad they will be to see their campers say ‘goodbye’ or ‘see you next time’ so soon! Time is flying and we’re having a blast! We were blessed with delicious chicken strips with buiscuts for lunch followed by bunktime.

After some candy and relaxation, the cabins went to spend a couple hours together creating more memories in the woods. White Oak is going on an planetary expedition to find a “new home planet” for their rock-pet “Blobby”! A couple other cabins went to hang out at our treehouse or on an adventure catching frogs. And Blue Spruce is on a search for ‘Big Foot’ (I hear he looks an awful lot like one of our Waterfront Directors- Isaac). Our counselors have been working hard with amazing creativity to plan activities for each cabin that is fun and meaningful. Frequently I find myself wanting to participate in their activities and feeling incredibly thankful to work with people who pour so much of themselves into each day! Upon their return, they will have afternoon freeswim/freetime. Our wonderful little lake is nice and warm and has been very popular with many campers this session! The weather has been dreamy today and we are grateful.

We are looking forward to our Celebration Campfire tonight where we will learn a bit more about each other, sing songs, and hear a story with a wonderful message. This campfire is being planned and led by our Voyager Counselors who spent last week in the Porcupine Mountains on a backpacking adventure. As the sky turns darker with the setting sun each cabin will spend some quality time in their cabin, around a candle, learning about God and sharing stories from their time together this session.  Our staff will close the night with a time of singing and worship while our campers begin to fall asleep.

We praise God for the opportunity to encounter and celebrate God’s love for each child here, through the relationships they have built and experiences shared in creation.

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