Camp Scottie, Session H, Day 4

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Hello! My name is Lilly, and this is my first summer as a counselor at Camp Scottie. I was an overnight camper at Camp Roger for many years but never knew what our day camp was like. It grabbed my interest, and I praise God for leading me here.

Every day, I get to be in a place where creative counselors and staff tailor the message of God’s love to the interests of our campers for their specific age group. This week has been different for me from the rest of the summer because I have a group of only boys. I put on my thinking cap and tried to come up with the most fun things to do as a 6-year old boy. And we have been having fun! So far this week we have pretended to be ninjas, frog catchers, construction workers and astronauts. These boys are having the best week and in turn, they have given ME the best week. They amaze me in ways I couldn’t have imagined! From day one, their teamwork and problem-solving together have really stood out to me (their energy and willingness to play in the dirt were what I expected). They are constantly asking “How can I help?” and “Could I please have help?” They have shown me how to truly be a team player, and I have loved every bit of it.

It’s obvious that a summer camp wouldn’t be the same without the campers, but in times like these—it really shows. Each week that campers come in—both return campers and brand-new campers alike—they teach me about God’s love. What a privilege to work in a place flourishing with joy and encouragement—I can never thank God enough.

Ask your campers about the fun we had today!!! Check out our pics here!

Lilly Johnson