Camp Scottie, Session H, Day 5–Our Last Day!

Twila BennettUncategorized

…And now here we are. The last day of our very last session at Camp Scottie for 2018. It was our second season of Day Camp and I have been very humbled and blessed to be a part of it! It is always fun at this point of the summer, to look back and see how God placed his fingerprints all over Camp Scottie and our Day Camp program!

We have been so blessed to serve so many campers this year! Last year we had 125 campers and this year we reached over 290! It is very exciting that the word is getting out about our program. We are not only getting new campers but the campers that have come like it so much, they often sign up for additional sessions!

This summer I have had a front row seat to witness some amazing moments, and here are a few:
I have seen multiple campers give their lives to Christ!
I have seen counselors introducing campers to—Prayer, Chapel, the Bible, and who Jesus is—sometimes for the very first time!
I have seen campers and staff both fall to the ground because they were laughing so hard.
I have seen over and over how campers move from being a name on a list to become a beloved member of a group.
I have seen dozens of monarch caterpillars go from less than an inch long to full grown to chrysalis, to butterfly!
I have seen campers make new friends.
I have seen campers leave home for the very first time and try camp!
I have heard beautiful praise music sung by the campers and staff.
I have seen campers succeed in things they have never tried before like catching frogs, archery, making a difficult craft, etc.
I could keep going, but if you want a broader view of the entire camp season, take a look at the pictures from other sessions at to see many of the amazing moments God provided for us this summer! And look here for today’s photos!

That is all for now. Thank you for sharing your camper with us this summer. It has been a gift to get to know them and spend time with them! We are already eager to see them here again next year!

God be with you until we meet again,

Matt Zwiep
Camp Scottie Director