Capital Campaign

Camp Scottie Campaign

We recently completed the $450,000 campaign to launch the first three years of Camp Scottie, the new campus of Camp Roger! Thank you to the generous supporters who helped make it possible to launch the new campus! The funds will provide the support to grow the foundation of an expanded ministry in Howard City, MI including renovations to the property and necessary staffing to grow the ministry.

Thank you so much to all of families, friends, and foundations who have supported Camp Roger.  The total campaign cost is approximately $3.7 million and we have been blessed by friends like you to have completely funded the campaign to build Ridge Hall! Thank you to everyone who helped make it possible for Camp Roger to move forward and build the next 100 years of creating experiences for kids that share God’s love in God’s creation!

There are always ways to support the on-going needs of Camp Roger. One way to support Camp Roger at this time is by joining “Roger 365”, our new way to invest in camp on a monthly basis. To learn more about Roger 365 and join today, visit the Roger 365 website. To learn more about the many ways to support the ongoing needs of camp, visit the Give homepage.

Phase Two Launching Soon

We will soon be launching Phase Two of the capital campaign to expand and grow the mission of Camp Roger to reach new children and families through Outdoor Education at Camp Roger and Camp Scottie with a new exclusive Outdoor Education facility, Financial Aid for schools and organizations, and capital improvements to expand capacity.

If you have more questions or would like to support camp, please feel free to give Doug Vanderwell at call.   

Thank you,

Camp Roger Board and Staff

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