Out with the Old…

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Out with the old, in with the new. It is a brand new year! It’s time to say goodbye to 2017 and welcome 2018 with open arms. Last year was a big one for me. … Read More

Mission Moments

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Right before Christmas break, the apprentices went to a seminar about “Telling Your Story” and learned specifically about mission moments. A mission moment (at camp specifically) would be a time in which someone notices the … Read More

Sadie’s First Sled

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I got Sadie’s first sled just two weeks ago. When I suggested that we go sledding, Sadie, my wife of one month, looked at me with a wary reluctance that one might expect from an … Read More

A Chance to Give Thanks

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As the weather turns, the leaves darken and fall, and the outdoor education season slows, we have a chance to give thanks for the abundant blessings God have given us. And how appropriate to do … Read More

Shadowing Year-Round Staff

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As outdoor education slows for the winter, shadowing year-round staff has become one of options for us apprentices have for a day. Besides being a fun change of pace, this experience can give us a … Read More

Adventure at Camp Scottie

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Last week, I had an adventure at Camp Scottie. For those unfamiliar with it, Camp Scottie is the Campus that we acquired relatively recently in Newaygo County. Whenever the apprentices are scheduled to go work … Read More

New Adventures at Camp Roger

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Last week, just as Outdoor Ed was starting to fall into a comfortable pattern, I got to spend my day leading a few new adventures at Camp Roger. Most students who visit our grounds and go on our adventure courses, work at team building challenges, or shoot at the … Read More

How To Stay Dry At Camp

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During the fall-winter-spring, Camp Roger specializes in Outdoor Education. We work hard to provide hands-on learning experiences for children of all ages in God’s beautiful creation. There are many benefits to outdoor learning. However, the … Read More