Camp Roger’s Outdoor Education programs serve children of all ages in the beautiful classroom of the great outdoors. Students can explore a wide range of experiences with the adventure course or discovery nature center for a few hours or a few days. Come find life outdoors through outdoor education.

Adventure Course

  • For middle school students and up (including adults)
  • Camp Roger – just 20 minutes north of downtown Grand Rapids
  • Base Fee: $6 per person per hour; $250 minimum
  • Typically includes 3-4 experiences
  • Can be combined with other programs

Camp Roger’s adventure course is designed to offer individual and group challenges to build confidence, strengthen teams, and improve communication skills. Groups can reach new heights on our climbing wall, push limits on our high ropes course, or exceed expectations on the zip line racing you through forest trees. Camp Roger’s Adventure Course is perfect for everyone from scout troops, to corporate teams, to families.

Discovery Nature Center

  • For students of any age
  • Camp Roger – just 20 minutes north of downtown Grand Rapids
  • Base fee: $12 per student per day; $250 minimum
  • Typically includes 3-4 experiences
  • Can be customized and combined with other programs

Discover God’s world, and find your place in it! The Discovery Nature Center (DNC) invites students, teachers, and other community members to help build a world that loves God and appreciates His creation. Find joy in the little things. Discover the outdoors. Experience the wonder of the woods.

Homeschool Program

  • For elementary and junior high students
  • New in 2017: Camp Scottie Campus – Howard City, MI
  • Camp Roger Campus – Rockford, MI
  • Fee: $150 for all nine sessions throughout school year
  • One day per month, Sept. – May; meets from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm
  • Parents are responsible for providing sack lunches and transportation

Invest in your child’s education through outdoor experiences! Homeschooled students grow in faith and community – in a world of forests, lakes, rivers, and wetlands. Our experienced staff welcomes students to explore the proper role we have in caring for God’s world.

Plan Your Camp Experience

To request an Outdoor Education experience for your school or organization, contact us directly below. If you have a question, feel free to call us at 616-874-7286.

Program Options: Adventure CourseDiscovery Nature CenterOvernight Retreat