Adventure Course

Camp Roger’s adventure course is designed to offer individual and group challenges to build confidence, strengthen teams, and improve communication skills. Groups can reach new heights on our climbing wall, push limits on our high ropes course, or exceed expectations on the zip line racing you through forest trees. Camp Roger’s Adventure Course is perfect for everyone from scout troops, to corporate teams, to families.

Adventure Course Options

The High Ropes Course features 11 challenge elements that are positioned 30 feet above the ground. Participants and groups choose their own challenges within a supportive and safe atmosphere. Groups may choose a shorter partial course or a longer full course experience.

The Team Challenge Course challenges participants to work together as a group to overcome obstacles using group cooperation, problem solving, and encouragement. Key objectives include enhanced communication skills, trust building, and teamwork. We will introduce a few simple team-building cooperative games that you can use and take back to school with you. These games are designed to challenge a group of people with a problem and allow them the joy—or the heartache—of solving it themselves.

The Zip Line allows participants to climb to a small platform 30 feet above the ground and “zip” through the woods down a 300-foot long cable for a thrilling ride. By stepping into the unknown, participants are challenged to overcome their fears.

The Climbing Tower features four climbing faces and six different climbing routes over a 30 foot-high tower. Using various rock holds, the climber navigates up the tower while an instructor keeps them safe with a belay (safety) rope. Climbers have fun practicing goal setting, encouragement, and perseverance.

The Vertical Playpen combines the vertical climb of the climbing tower with a variety of crazy obstacles (shovels, dangling walls, rope ladders) to maneuver around. Participants may be belayed by a facilitator or may be taught how to take responsibility for each other’s safety using a “wrap belay” system. This course is reserved for the more experienced climbers.

Pricing and Program Options

Base Fee: $6 per person per hour
Minimum group charge: $250
A day typically includes 3-4 experiences
Adventure Course can be combined with other programs (See: Discovery Nature Center)

Type of Groups:

  • Scout troops
  • Corporate teams
  • Leadership teams
  • Family groups
  • Middle and high school students
  • Athletic teams
  • Quintessential Camp Roger Experience – since 1941!
  • Church youth groups
  • Scout troops
  • Corporate teams

Please have each participant fill out our Informed Consent Form and bring them with you on the day of your event.

For availability questions or help planning your event, please contact Deb at 616-874-7286.