Homeschool Program

Invest in your child’s education through outdoor experiences! This monthly opportunity allows homeschooled students further space to grow in faith and community – in a world of forests, lakes, and wetlands. Our experienced staff teaches children to explore and love God’s world and to be good stewards of what He has given us, while using the outdoors as a classroom to explore.


  • To provide students with quality instruction in outdoor education
  • To present material from a Christian perspective
  • To engage children in a different topic each month
  • To point students toward a great God and the proper role we have in caring for His world
Program Options

Two locations We offer elementary classes and junior high classes at our Camp Roger campus in Rockford. We have a second campus similar to Camp Roger near Howard City called Camp Scottie. This summer we will be having Day Camp there, and we are also using it for weekend rentals. Beginning next September, we will offer one day of elementary homeschool-Friday- at our Camp Scottie location (this is an update, no more Monday class at Camp Scottie). Programming will be the same at this second campus.

Elementary program: These classes are for children ages 6-12 by the first class in September. This program runs once a month through May. At our Camp Roger campus families may choose Monday through Friday and come consistently on that day. Class size is limited to 45 students on each day. Students may choose a friend or two to be grouped with. Classes meet from 9am-2pm. Parents provide sack lunch and transportation.

Additional elementary day at Camp Roger We will  be adding a second Wednesday to the elementary program at our Camp Roger campus (W1 and W2). This day will fall between the two junior high days on that second week.

Junior High program: These classes are for children ages 12-15 by the first class in September. This program runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays once a month through May, ONLY at the Camp Roger campus. Families may choose a day and come consistently on that day. Class size is limited to 45 students. Students may request a friend or two to be grouped with and groups are co-ed and made up of different ages. Classes meet from 9am-2pm. Parents provide sack lunches and transportation.

2017 Registration

Register Today

Registration will be online  This not only helps us be more efficient and accurate, it will provide you the opportunity to use a debit/credit card for payment and get your registration to us more quickly. Paper registration will still be available. Download your paper registration here. You will be able to access the registration site by going to and clicking on the Register My Camper Now button. You will be able to create an account but registration won’t be live until the 14th  at 8am.

Enrollment begins on April 14 and is on a “first come, first served” basis. If a class is full you will not even be able to choose that day. You may however choose a different day and call to be put on a waiting list. Please feel free to call Deb in the office at 616-874-7286 with any questions or to check for available spots; however, enrollment cannot be guaranteed over the phone.

Cost  Payment is due at the time of enrollment. The 2017-18 cost is $150/student. Registrations received after September 1 will have an additional $25 fee added. A confirmation email will be sent after we receive your registration and payment.

Friend Requests and Group Making To help promote more individualized attention, better relationship building, and to develop more individualized instruction we cap the class size at 45 students, and we are going to group within those days by ages (close to 6-8yr olds, 8-10yr olds, and 10-12yr olds). We understand this may affect some friend requests and siblings being together; however, we feel educationally this is a good practice, and there are still opportunities for kids to be all together throughout the day (morning break, lunch, all group activities, etc.).

You may request that your child be in a group with a friend within the 2 year age range (maximum of two). We ask that this be done on the registration form. Groups are made prior to the first class in September and friend requests or group changes are not accepted after that.

Cancellation Policy:
Cancelling before September 1 will incur a $25 administrative fee. The remainder of your fee will be refunded. Refunds will not be given for cancellations after September 1. Registrations are non-transferable.


Elementary Homeschool Topics 2017-2018
September: Teamwork & Community
October: Learning from the Past
November: Earth & Skies
December: My Michigan
January: Listening to the Woods
February: Building & Designing
March: Games & Adventures
April: Plants & Animals
May: The Journey

Junior High Homeschool Topics 2017-2018
September: Teamwork & Community
October: Environmental Studies
November: Outdoor Skills
December: Leadership
January: Emergency Preparedness
February: Creative Problem-solving
March: Epic Camp Games & Challenges
April: Wilderness Exploration
May: Adventure Course

DATES FOR 2017-2018

Elementary Homeschool Dates for Camp Roger campus:

September 11-15 (Monday- Friday)

September 20 (Wednesday)

October 9-13 (Monday – Friday)

October 18 (Wednesday)

November 6-10 (Monday – Friday a week early due to Thanksgiving week)

November 15 (Wednesday)

December 11-15 (Monday- Friday)

December 20 (Wednesday)

January 15-19 (Monday – Friday)

January 24 (Wednesday)

February 12-16 (Monday- Friday)

February 21 (Wednesday)

March 12-16 (Monday-Friday)

March 21 (Wednesday)

April 9-13 (Monday-Friday)

April 18 (Wednesday)

May 7-11 (Monday- Friday)

May 16 (Wednesday)

Elementary Homeschool Dates for Camp Scottie campus:

September 22 Friday

October 20 Friday

November 17 Friday

December 22 Friday

January 26 Friday

February 23 Friday

March 23 Friday

April 20 Friday

May 18 Friday

Junior High Homeschool Dates for Camp Roger campus only:

September 19, 21 (Tuesday, Thursday)

October 17, 19 (Tuesday, Thursday)

November 14, 16 (Tuesday, Thursday)

December 19, 21 (Tuesday, Thursday)

January 23, 25 (Tuesday, Thursday)

February 20, 22 (Tuesday, Thursday)

March 20, 22 (Tuesday, Thursday)

April 17, 19 (Tuesday, Thursday)

May 15, 17 (Tuesday, Thursday)



Contact Deb or Scott for more information!