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View the attached PDF outlining the daily camp schedule or view below.

Overnight Camp Session Daily Schedule

While some of the days of the 8-Day and 4-Day are similar, the 8-Day Session progresses from the 4-Day and includes an overnight campout experience in the woods. On the campout, campers hike, explore, play, cook, and sleep in tents. It doesn’t get much better than ending the day around a campfire in the woods with your new best friends! Campers at the 4-Day Sessions will have a chance to sample four different morning activities and will enjoy a cookout with their cabin group.

7:25: Rise and Shine
Counselors sleep in the cabin bunk room with campers. The bell rings at 7:25 sharp to get the day going. All activity and schedule changes are announced by the ringing of the bell.

7:40: K.P. Bell/Staff Prayer
Serving as KP (Kitchen Patrol) is part of the responsibility of living in a community. KP’s are campers whose responsibility is to help set the table for meals and help clear the table after the meals. Campers take turns being KP during the session. During this KP time, several staff stay in the cabin areas and supervise campers while all other staff meet for morning prayer.

7:55 Flag Raising Ceremony

8:00 Breakfast
Meals are served family style around round tables. All meals have one main dish with several side dishes. In addition, each meal has a buffet table where campers have other options. Cold cereal is always available at breakfast.

8:30 Chapel
Camp Roger prayerfully develops a spiritual theme for each summer. This theme is integrated into daily chapels typically through skits and stories led by counselors and other staff members. The theme is also carried into evening devotions in the cabins at night.

8:50 Cabin/Camp Cleanup
Some valuable life lessons can be learned at camp. Two important lessons we like to teach are living well with others in a community setting and taking personal responsibility for your belongings. After chapel, the campers head up to their cabins to clean up the cabins, their own areas, and camp in general. Campers are assigned different tasks each day and are awarded points based on their performance as a cabin. At the end of the session those who did an outstanding job receive a special dessert.

9:30 – 10:20: First Activity
As part of the orientation on opening day, campers choose two morning activities they would like to participate in for the remainder of the session. Each day they attend these same two activities, building on what they did the day before. Examples of classes include snorkeling, braiding, archery, target sports, canoeing, survival, dance, drama, nature lore, nature crafts, boating and fishing, and leathercrafts.

10:30 – 11:20 Second Activity

11:30 Morning Free Swim
After morning activities, campers have the option of going to the waterfront for swimming, boating, or canoeing. It is a fun time for campers to cool off and have fun. Campers can also choose to hang out in Central Area or on the hill with their cabin mates. The waterfront is fully staffed at this time and there are also counselors roving on both boys hill and girls hill to hang out with kids.

12:15 K.P. Bell (Free Swim Ends)

12:30 Lunch
Lunch is served family style and again there is a buffet table with other options such as peanut butter and jelly or ham and cheese sandwiches. Lunch is a great time for cabins to share their experiences of the morning and is always followed by singing praise songs.

1:15 Bunktime
During this down time, campers can rest, relax, write letters, and catch their breath before more fun. Camper mail and candy are also delivered to them at this time.

2:15 Cabin Activity
This is a time for each cabin to choose a fun activity to do just as a cabin group. The activities are nature focused and are designed to build and deepen friendships while creating an appreciation for the awesomeness of God’s creation. Examples of activities include: hikes, mucking at Pickerel Lake, kayaking down the Rogue River, nature activities with the Camp Naturalist, or fishing.

4:15 Cabin Activity Ends

4:30 Afternoon Free Swim

5:15 Free Time

5:45 K.P. Bell

5:55 Flag Lowering Ceremony

6:00 Supper

Supper is served family style with the optional buffet table available. After dinner a counselor is in charge of leading everyone in some fun camp songs. This time is also used for wild and crazy announcements.

7:10 Activities
After supper the campers have an opportunity to choose a “7:10” activity. Some typical options are archery, braiding at the gimp store, games at the Trip Shack, or boats and canoes. It’s a fun time to play with friends!

8:00 Evening Program
Our evening games are a signature event of the Camp Roger program. All campers and counselors are involved in playing these larger than life games. Some are new and many are classics that have been part of our tradition for years. Some examples include Capture the Flag, Sandpit Tag, Capture the Counselor, 500 Acres, Water Carnival, and Gold Rush.

9:15 Cabin Devotions and Bed
After a long day of fun and activities, bedtime is a great time for a cabin to connect with each other and with God. The evening ends with cabin devotions on the floor around a candle, outside looking up at the stars, or in a quiet place in the woods. Counselors lead their cabins in an important time of reflection through scripture, stories, singing, or sharing their own personal God stories.

* Bell will ring

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