BOGO Summer 2017

Pay full price for Day Camp session A or B
Get a second session of Day camp for only the $50 registration fee.

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Yes! Feel free to have the second camper be a friend, cousin, sibling! You decide among yourselves how to split the deal : )
Yes. Register the same camper for two sessions and the second session will be just the $50 registration fee.
Yes. Transportation is based on use and will be added to any session it’s being used. So, if you use transportation for both sessions, it will be charged for both sessions.
BOGO’s will be honored on a one to one basis. Every full price session A or B can earn a $50 session later in the summer. Meaning your camper can come to both A and B and then come for two other sessions later this summer. Also, if you have 4 kids in your family or 4 friends from school you would be able to send them all to session A or B using two BOGOs.
One of your BOGO sessions must be session A or B, the other can be any other Day Camp Session.
As part of our inaugural year of Day Camp, we want to see as many campers as possible enjoying the woods at our Camp Scottie campus.

Step One: Register* camper for session A or B and pay for that session in full and checkout. Log out.

Step Two: Log in separately and register* camper for the additional session and pay only the deposit at checkout.

Step Three: Email or call our office to let us know which camper will be benefiting from the BOGO for $50. We will adjust their remaining balance to zero.
616-874-7286 or [email protected]

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*For privacy and safety we ask that you only register your own child.