Special Accommodations

At Camp Roger we want to give as many children as possible the opportunity to attend summer camp. We are aware, however, that this is more challenging for some campers than others. Outlined here is additional support that we have in place for some campers requiring special accommodations. If your child has different or additional needs for us to consider, please contact us so we can discuss how your child can grow at camp this summer.

Campers with Special Needs

During each 4-Day and 8-Day Overnight Camp Session, we offer additional support for one boy and one girl with special needs. We model our program after school inclusion programs where certain accommodations are made for the child so he or she can be a part of the group and participate in all the fun at camp. Some of the children that we have had in the past who qualified for this program include those with mild physical limitations, emotional/behavioral challenges, and cognitive impairments. These children are placed in cabins with an extra counselor and with children their own age. While this isn’t a complete one-to-one situation, it does provide the extra staffing needed to help these campers succeed at camp. All of our staff get involved to ensure these children have a positive experience. Our counselors are well trained in many behavior management techniques, and they also have a lot of love and patience for all types of campers. Openings are limited and additional paperwork is required. Currently we do not have the additional staff support to offer this opportunity at Day Camp or on our Wilderness Trips.

To register your child with special needs who would benefit from this extra support, or if you have questions please contact our Executive Director, Doug Vanderwell or the Program Administrator, Deb Medendorp at (616)874-7286. We would love to discuss your child’s needs with you and determine if Camp Roger is a good fit.

Nut Allergies

Session 1 of Overnight Camp is our nut-free menu session. This 4-Day Session is intentionally set aside for those campers with life-threatening tree nut and peanut allergies. All of the meals are nut free, as well as, the campers’ choices for candy. This session is still open to all campers, and our counselors and staff will be acting as nutty as ever, but we’re excited to be able to offer peace of mind to parents and campers for whom nut allergies are a concern. Minor meal adjustments will be made for campers with nut allergies who choose to come to another session other than Session 1. Give us a call if you would like more detailed information.

Food Allergies and Vegetarian Menus

Camp Roger will be providing menu alternatives for various food allergies (ie, gluten, dairy, soy, egg), as well as, vegetarian menu options for campers. This service will be offered to those attending our Overnight Camp sessions and our Wilderness Trips. Due to the higher cost of these foods, an additional fee will be charged: $25 for 4-Day and $50 for 8-Day, Pioneer and Voyager. (Day Campers are required to provide their own lunch and snacks.)

A special foods coordinator will handle food preparation for these campers. This person will receive allergy training and assessment certification through ServSafe.

This new system replaces the need for parents to provide supplemental food for their child; therefore, we will no longer accept food items for your child. As the number of campers with food allergies grows, it was becoming more challenging and difficult to manage individual camper food supplies. We feel this new system will be safer and easier for families. We will do our best to coordinate these meals along with our existing menu while caring for your child’s dietary restrictions. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Diabetic Needs

Campers with diabetes are welcomed and encouraged to come to Camp Roger. We do ask that if you have a camper with diabetes, please call the camp office at (616)874-7286, especially if you are sending your child for the first time. The camp nurse will then contact you to discuss your camper’s specific needs and camp’s ability to best accommodate your child while they are at camp.

Other Unique Needs

Many campers need additional support or help with specific diet restrictions, bedwetting concerns, physical limitations, or other needs. We would love to discuss how we can prepare a fantastic summer camp experience for your child. Please give us a call to discuss any concerns that you might have (616) 874-7286.