Camp Roger’s Vision 2025 – You Belong Here

Camp Roger has some exciting information about our new Vision 2025. As an important stakeholder – former camper, staff member, donor, or friend of Camp – we know you care deeply about Camp Roger and Camp Scottie. Camp is changing and growing, and we want you to know about it. 

As Camp Roger strategizes and grows, we must keep our core mission and long-range vision in site, using them as a tether to not drift away from God’s good work at Camp. Camp’s heart and mission have not changed since the early days of our camp. The mission is who we are and what frames our everyday work.

Vision 2025 expands our mission into a proactive culture of belonging and accessibility.

Read more in this letter from Doug Vanderwell, executive director, and in this FAQ

Camp Roger’s Board of Directors and staff are excited about the future and ready to help every camper or student that walks on our properties know that they are loved and that they belong here.

Camp Roger’s Mission

Camp Roger’s mission is to encounter and celebrate God’s love for His children through relationships and experiences in Creation.

Vision 2025

Camp Roger has a vision of a world that loves God and appreciates His Creation.

Vision 2025 is an expanded mission through increased belonging, diversity, and accessibility where:

  • People feel welcomed, loved, and that they belong
  • The beautiful racial diversity of God’s kingdom is present
  • Accessibility for those with varied abilities is increased
  • Financial and transportation barriers are minimized

Click here to read a letter from our executive director, Doug Vanderwell introducing Vision 2025.

Click here to read an FAQ about Vision 2025.

Faith & Life Covenant

As a diverse group of Christians, we seek to find our center in Christ for the purpose of serving God together at Camp. We won’t get it perfect. Sometimes we won’t get it right. We’re all on a spiritual journey. But we believe that Christ is the one redeeming the world, and he has invited us to be his fellow workers through his Spirit.

We believe that Christians share some core beliefs and convictions:

  • First, that there is one true God who is made known to his creation through the persons of the Trinity: The Father who created us, Jesus Christ the Son who died for us, and the Holy Spirit who guides us.
  • Second, that the Bible is the true and inspired Word of God, revealing God’s character and redemptive story to his creation.
  • Third, that God’s worldwide church, which includes all Christians, has been called and equipped to co-labor with Christ in building the kingdom on earth.

Click here to read the complete Faith & Life Covenant.