Leadership Investment Grant form

Working at Camp Roger or Camp Scottie prepares individuals for lives of service and leadership in God's kingdom in many ways.
Giving a summer to serve at Camp comes with a sacrifice of time and lower income. There are hurdles and challenges for many, but unfortunately, some face greater barriers than others.
Camp is striving to create a space of belonging for all individuals on summer staff and desires to prepare leaders for God's service.

Please fill out the form below as your application for the Leadership Investment Grant. 

Note: Out-of-pocket expenses and/or loans may include expenses for full-time volunteering, community involvement, trade school, or education. Tuition expense is calculated as the total of the upcoming fall and spring tuition plus room & board, minus scholarships, grants, and family contribution.
The intent of the following information is to measure overall financial need.
If I receive this grant, I commit to writing a one-page update on what I learned during the summer of 2023, highlighting specific experiences and spiritual growth. In the future (when time and available resources are available) , I commit to giving back to Camp Roger or a similar Kingdom-minded organization, through service on a committee or Board of Directors, volunteering, or joining Camp's Roger365 giving program as a monthly supporter.
Certification Statement: By typing my name below, I confirm that all of the information provided above and any accompanying documents, are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand and agree that any false or inaccurate information provided on this application will disqualify me and funds must be returned. I will also provide Camp Roger with my official FAFSA application data, transcript, and/or college bill and payment summary, if requested.