Special AccomModations

At Camp Roger and Camp Scottie, we want as many children as possible to have the opportunity to attend summer camp. However, we are aware that this is more challenging for some campers than others.

The following information lists additional support for campers requiring special accommodations. Our directors are willing to answer any questions you may have about any needs that your camper may have. Click on the buttons below to send them an email.


Campers with Varied Abilities

As we have seen the need increase for supporting campers with varied abilities (i.e., mild physical limitations, emotional/behavioral challenges, cognitive impairments, autism, etc.), discussions with families before arrival have become essential. Please contact one of our camp directors before registering online to help us learn more about your camper and what support may be needed for a successful camp experience. We acknowledge that there are accommodations for some individuals that Camp Roger is not equipped to provide at this time. Each session, a limited number of campers with varied abilities will be able to be supported with additional staff, although we are adding individuals each summer for this purpose.

Camp Roger and Camp Scottie are also providing on-site summer social workers and educational professionals to help meet the mental health and behavioral needs of our campers in broader ways. Due to the nature of our off-site Wilderness Trips, additional staff support and accommodations for campers with varied abilities are not available for these sessions.

Food Allergies and Vegetarian Options

Camp Roger’s Special Food Coordinator is trained and certified (through ServSafe) to provide safe menu alternatives and preparation for various mild to moderate food allergies/sensitivities including nuts, gluten, dairy, soy, and egg. We are also able to provide vegetarian menu options as well. Our goal is to provide foods that are similar to the meals served to other campers.

It is important to note that campers with allergies will be eating next to individuals and eating at tables with food provided that they may be allergic to. If your child has a life-threatening allergy, please contact the overnight camp director to discuss if Camp would be a safe place for them.

This special food service is offered to those attending Overnight Camp sessions and Wilderness Trips. Due to the higher cost of offering these foods and training a quality staff member, an additional fee will be charged: $25 for 4-Day Sessions, $40 for 6-Day and Pioneer Sessions, and $60 for Voyager Sessions. Day Camp does not provide lunch and snacks.

Providing this food service replaces parents packing supplemental food for their children. We do not accept special food items for your child. As the number of campers with food allergies/sensitivities increases, this system is safer and easier for campers.

Diabetic Needs

Campers with diabetes are welcomed and encouraged to come to Camp Roger and Camp Scottie. If your camper has diabetes, please contact your camp’s director, especially if your child is attending for the first time. The camp nurse will contact you prior to your camper’s session to discuss your specific needs and discuss a plan on how best to monitor your child.

Other Unique Needs

Some campers may need additional support while at camp regarding diet restrictions, bedwetting concerns, physical limitations, or other needs. We would love to discuss how to best be prepared to help your child have the best camp experience.