Everything we do begins Here.

Camp Roger's Mission, Vision, Faith & Life Covenant

Our Mission is to Encounter and Celebrate God's Love for His Children through Relationships and Experiences in Creation

You Belong Here.

In a world full of conflicting messages, Camp Roger and Camp Scottie want to change the narrative.
  • By focusing our conversations and educational efforts on belonging, we are learning how to grow beyond inclusion and capture the voices of God's beautiful racial diversity present in God's kingdom
  • By working with partners across West Michigan (Potter’s House, Baxter Community Center,  Sibley Elementary School,  Angel Tree Camping, and many others), we build trust that develops and deepens relationships 
  • By providing an on-site summer social worker and educational professionals, we are meeting the mental health needs of our campers in broader ways
  • By providing flexible pricing for our programs, we are allowing households and schools to have ownership over their camp fees and school field trip fees
Camp Roger’s mission, vision, and faith/life covenant inspire us every day to know better so that we can do better. Our heart is to continue to break down barriers that divide and to pursue a world that loves God and appreciates his Creation.
Our Vision
Vision 2025 is a vision of a world that loves God and appreciates His Creation. 

It's an expanded mission through increased belonging, diversity, and accessibility where:
  • People feel welcomed, loved, and that they belong
  • The beautiful ethnic and cultural diversity of God’s kingdom is present
  • Accessibility for those with varied abilities is increased
  • Financial and transportation barriers are minimized
Faith & Life Covenant
As a diverse group of Christians, we seek to find our center in Christ for the purpose of serving God together at Camp. We won’t get it perfect. Sometimes we won’t get it right. We’re all on a spiritual journey. But we believe that Christ is the one redeeming the world, and he has invited us to be his fellow workers through his Spirit.
We believe that Christians share some core beliefs and convictions:
  • First, there is one true God who is made known to his creation through the persons of the Trinity: The Father who created us, Jesus Christ the Son who died for us, and the Holy Spirit who guides us
  • Second, the Bible is the true and inspired Word of God, revealing God’s character and redemptive story of his creation
  • Third, God’s worldwide church, which includes all Christians, has been called and equipped to co-labor with Christ in building the kingdom on earth

the joy of summer.