Field trip Fun

Camp Roger’s outdoor education program creates engaging educational experiences for over 11,000 students per year.
Study after study confirms the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental benefits of spending time outdoors. 

At Camp Roger, we work directly with teachers, administrators, and community leaders to create unique, meaningful experiences for their school groups. 
We want students to learn more about themselves, others, and the wonderful world around them.

What are your values and goals? Let’s work together to create a personalized field trip for your students.

Environmental Education Classes

With a curriculum of over 60 classes, our Environmental Education Classes give students hands-on experiences in nature with subjects such as Michigan Natural Resources, Leaves, Wetlands, Animals and their Habitats, Water Cycles, Archery, and many more .

Team Building Activities

Team Building Activities help groups learn new ways of communicating, how to support one another, and how to become more united through a variety of exercises led by our trained staff.

Adventure Course

Incorporate our Adventure Course into your field trip for an exciting way to develop communication skills and utilize self-challenge opportunities.

Rockford campus: 

Climbing tower, zip line, high ropes & 
low ropes course

Discover nature.