Open hearts, Open Hands

Camp Roger and Camp Scottie are only made possible through the generous support of individual and organizational donors like you. Your dedicated investment in our mission is changing the lives of over 2,000 summer campers and 11,000 outdoor education participants each year. 

Donation Categories:

Monthly Giving

Set up a recurring monthly gift to any of Camp Roger's individual funds (General Fund, Acorn Fund, Leadership Investment Grant, and Property Acquisition Fund) as a way to provide steadfast support to the fund of your choice.

Monthly donations supply Camp with a reliable and stable source of income to further its mission year-round.

General Fund

From sensory equipment for campers to additional behavioral management training for staff, the general fund supports day-to-day operations of Camp Roger and Camp Scottie. Needs evolve over time and this fund helps campers and students thrive as children of God in today’s society.

Acorn Fund

Lowers the cost of camp by providing 'choose-your-own-pricing' and eliminates barriers that can prevent access to our campuses including transportation, mobility access, and mental health support.

Solar Panel Project

Creation is a key component of Camp Roger’s mission, and we want to take care of it.

To this end, Camp has installed a large number of solar panels on the roof of Ridge Hill which will be able to cover 60-70% of our electrical needs.  This investment is a unique way to care for Creation. 

Leadership Investment Grant

New for 2023!
Camp Roger will award Leadership Investment Grants to applicants who are people of color and/or have significant financial needs or hardships. Grants are awarded for use towards college tuition, trade school, or other leadership programs as an investment into their future.

Fund an entire or partial grant through your gift.

Property Acquisition Fund

Several properties bordering Camp Roger are critical for Camp to purchase preventing residential developments from coming close to our campus. This land will provide additional space for exploration and fun. 

Legacy of Oaks

Become a Legacy of Oaks member and show commitment to future generations of Camp Roger and Camp Scottie attendees by creating a memorial endowment or naming Camp Roger in your will or estate plan.

These valuable contributions ensure ongoing experiences within the splendor of God's creation and the continual development of relationships with God through our programs.

To set up your Legacy of Oaks membership, contact Donna using the email link below.

Thank you for giving.