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We have created two phases for Summer Camp Staff hiring.
PHASE 1 helps us connect with you as an applicant by having you fill out a Quick Application and an initial conversation with a director.
PHASE 2 helps us communicate together on a deeper level and provides an opportunity to apply for a 2024 Leadership Investment Grant (awarded to applicants who are people of color and/or have significant financial needs or hardships to be used for college tuition, trade school, or other leadership programs as an investment into their future). This final phase is where we will make our decisions about summer staff hiring.
The following links will direct you to everything you need to research and apply.

Phase 1 - Start Here!

Connect with Camp Directors after completing the QUICK APPLICATION

Complete the Quick Application Form

Read and Reflect on Camp Roger's Mission, Vision, and Faith & Life Covenant

Here you will find a number of ways that we, as a diverse group of Christians, seek to live in order to find our center in Christ for the purpose of serving God together. 

Within the full application, you will be asked to agree to the Faith & Life Covenant and provide a personal response.  

Learn more about Camp Roger Overnight Camp and Camp Scottie Day Camp

Watch these videos to compare our Day Camp and Overnight Camp programs. We will discuss these differences in more detail throughout the hiring process and eventually ask for your summer employment preference.

Schedule a Meeting

We can't wait to get to know you!
Once your quick application is submitted, one of our directors will reach out to schedule a 30-minute Zoom/FaceTime meeting.
We will discuss the Faith & Life Covenant and answer any questions you have about Overnight Camp and Day Camp.

After this meeting, a member of the hiring team will notify you about moving to PHASE 2.

Phase 2

Some applicants will be invited to join us for PHASE 2.

In PHASE 2, we will connect through your FULL APPLICATION and REFERENCES. You will also have the opportunity to apply for a Leadership Investment Grant.

We will make our final decisions after this phase.


 Congratulations on completing PHASE 1 and being invited to join us for PHASE 2!

Our directors will send you the link to the FULL APPLICATION and direct you through this process as we get to know you better.


Using the link below, forward the SUMMER STAFF EMPLOYEE REFERENCE FORM to three individuals to complete on your behalf.  

We recommend sending the link to them within the week that you complete the FULL APPLICATION and following up to confirm that they have submitted the form. Camp Roger cannot offer a job to any applicant without the submission of three completed reference forms.

STEP 3 (Optional):

New! Use the link below to apply for Camp Roger's $2500 Leadership Investment Grant.

Camp Roger will award Leadership Investment Grants to applicants who are people of color and/or have significant financial needs or hardships. Grants are awarded for use towards college tuition, trade school, or other leadership programs as an investment into their future. 
Working at Camp Roger or Camp Scottie prepares individuals for lives of service and leadership in God's kingdom in many ways.
Giving a summer to serve at Camp comes with a sacrifice of time and lower income. There are challenges for many, but unfortunately, some face greater barriers than others. Camp is striving to create a space of belonging for all individuals on summer staff and desires to prepare leaders for God's service.

Applications must be completed and submitted before the applicant's Group Interview Day. Individuals who are offered a summer job will be notified at that time if they will receive a Leadership Investment Grant.

Grant recipients will be chosen by an anonymous group of individuals. Recipients will remain anonymous.

Select a GROUP INTERVIEW DAY to Attend 

Applicants who are being considered for counselors and who have completed the full application will be asked to attend one of the

Group Interview Days include group activities and games, a Camp Roger tour, time to answer questions, and a short in-person interview with some of our hiring directors. Be prepared to have fun and spend time outdoors!

Note: Kitchen staff applicants may have different interview time slots than the Group Interview Days.
JANUARY 15 at Camp Roger
5:00-8:00 pm
Summer staff positions will be filled as the process progresses throughout the spring. We do not plan to fill all open positions after the first group interview.
We will know how many open positions we have at any given time during the process.
Similarly, the Leadership Investment Grants will be awarded as we progress with interviews throughout the spring.
Our goal is to give applicants as much information as possible in order to make a fully informed decision before accepting a job offer.

Ask the Director

Have questions? Reach out to one of our directors. We love to help!